Aydin Sadagheh

Aydin joined GWS LLP in October of 2021, after running the family department at a competitive litigation-heavy law firm.  Aydin completed his Juris Doctor in January 2020 from Queen’s University and he also holds a First Class Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Calgary.  Aydin is Iranian Canadian and is fully fluent in the Persian language.  He can assist our clients in English and Farsi.  Aydin has been engaged in the legal profession throughout his time at law school and has worked in private practice post-graduation.  He has litigation experience working in several law firms in Kingston and Calgary and has conducted legal research for Academic papers at Queen’s University.

At our firm, he has represented clients in court at the Provincial Court of Alberta as well as in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.  He also has experience negotiating settlements through mediation and Settlement Agreements.  Whether it is a contentious matter that needs to be dealt with in court or an amicable issue to resolve outside of court, Aydin delivers efficient and exceptional service for our clients.

In his spare time, Aydin likes to bring his focus and discipline to working out at the gym.  Prior to law school, he was a personal trainer and continues weightlifting as a recreational activity.

Aydin also enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures.  During his time at University, he travelled across Europe and East Asia learning about their legal systems and enriching his understanding of people from diverse backgrounds.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) First Class – University of Calgary
  • Juris Doctor – Queen’s University

Giving Back to the Community

Aydin is a strong believer in increasing access to justice.  During his time at law school, he interned at the Northumberland Legal Centre, where he provided subsidized legal services for low-income clients.  He has also volunteered at the Calgary Assembly of Believers, where he has worked with many at-risk refugee families dealing with family and immigration issues.

Aydin has also taken some time to bridge cultural gaps in the community by hosting Persian concerts in Calgary in both Farsi and English to foster the growth of Canadian interest for Iranian music.