David Hersey

David Hersey holds a Juris Doctor from Oak Brook College of Law in California, and is a member of the California Bar. David spent his formative years in Fort McMurray, before moving to Calgary to pursue his love for outdoor adventure. While completing his Juris Doctor, David worked fulltime helping individuals pursue an active lifestyle. 

After passing the notorious California Bar Exam, David decided to broaden his professional horizons and pursue a legal practice in Canada. David attended the University of Alberta’s Internationally Trained Lawyer Pathway, and was top of his class in several topics, including criminal and administrative law. 

During this time, David volunteered with Student Legal Services’ criminal project, assisting underprivileged individuals in court with their criminal charges. David is passionate about helping the underdog, and believes restorative justice is a critical part of the solution. 

His journey in law has established a simple belief: everyone deserves a second chance. This belief fuels David’s commitment to ensuring his clients can achieve their full potential without being unduly hindered by their past mistakes. This empathetic and solution-focussed approach has given David success in all areas of law, including civil and family litigation. 

When David is not immersed in the legal maze, he can be found embracing the great outdoors to rejuvenate his mind. David believes that a connection with nature is essential for maintaining balance in life, especially in a demanding field like law.