Natalie L.A. Johnson

Natalie grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, and has deep ties to the community. Natalie attended the University of Alberta: obtaining a Bachelor of Education with distinction in 1996 and a Bachelor of Laws in 1999. Throughout law school Natalie was involved with Student Legal Services and in her final year of law school, was elected to the position of Family Project Coordinator where she diligently served those in her community who could otherwise not afford a lawyer.

Prior to joining Grey Wowk Spencer LLP, Natalie began her legal career in 1999 with a renowned international law firm and continued her practice of law as a sole practitioner while her children were young. Natalie’s legal expertise includes matters related to all aspects of civil litigation.

Natalie’s passion to defend the human rights and freedoms of Canadians and her experience as a litigation lawyer are a perfect fit for Grey Wowk Spencer LLP as she expands her practice to the area of constitutional law.

Natalie is an accomplished pianist and musician. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys sport shooting and outdoor pursuits. You can also find Natalie at the hockey arena, basketball court and baseball field cheering her children on from the sidelines.

In 2022, Natalie joined Grey Wowk Spencer LLP and its expanded practice in Edmonton.