The pending lawsuits stem from the Federal and Provincial Governments’ C0VlD-l9 measures.   Any Canadian can express interest based upon any harm caused by mandates, lockdowns, or vaccine harms.  The Canadian National C0VlD-l9 lawsuit expression of interest commenced in April 2023 and is currently open until 30 May 2023.  Please read the FAQs for more information.

Update: 28 April 2023

Welcome and hello new members!


This week members have two (2) mission to multiply our group again!

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MISSION TWO: Buy In Payment

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Remember, roughly any Canadian may sign up if they felt victimized by the C0VlD-l9 lockdowns and mask/vax mandates – “vaxed” and “unvaxxed” welcome.


  • This group originated from the Canadian Government’s C0VlD-l9 mandates. When the government of Canada mandated “vaccination” upon its employees to maintain federal employment, employees in objection banded together. Enormous lawsuits formed against companies like Canada Post, CN Rail, CP Rail, Purolator, and WestJet. Said groups all retained GWSLLP’s Leighton Grey. Eventually, it was decided to merge the lawsuit members removing the employment focus. Today, any Canadian can express interest based upon any harm caused by the mandates, even if the harms are unrelated to their employment. The Canadian National C0VlD-l9 lawsuit sign up launched circa April 2023.