From business contracts to criminal cases to constitutional rights to family law, we cover a wide variety of legal services and have the drive to assist you with your legal situation. Grey Wowk Spencer LLP is a full service law firm and can help represent you in the following ways.


We have been working with people during the recent pandemic. Whether you’ve lost employment or the ability to effectively run your business or organization due to health mandates, we can help.

We deal with all family legal situations from Emergency Protection Orders, Restraining Orders, Common Law Relationships, Separation, Divorce, Matrimonial Disputes, Grandparent’s Rights/Access, Custody, Access, Parenting, Contact, Child Support, Spousal Support, Legal Separations, Separation Agreements, Maintenance, Maintenance Arrears or Maintenance Enforcement.
Our lawyers are experienced in all areas of law including: assault, drug offences, fraud, income tax evasion, impaired driving, murder, manslaughter, robbery, sex crime offences, theft, weapons and firearms offences, and young offender cases. The firm has successfully represented clients before all levels of Alberta Courts.
Grey Wowk Spencer LLP provides highly professional and experienced legal counsel in the ever changing and growing area of personal injury law. Our lawyers have expertise in handling personal injury claims ranging from cases where clients have sustained relatively minor injuries to cases involving serious permanent physical and mental impairment or death. We assist clients in recovering appropriate levels of compensation for pain and suffering, cost of future care, past and future income loss and any related out of pocket expenses. Our lawyers stay current in the area of personal injury law and are committed to maintaining association with Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association, the Legal Education Society of Alberta and the Canadian Bar Association.

Grey Wowk Spencer LLP has dedicated legal counsel with extensive resources and expertise in the area of corporate and commercial law. We continually monitor the many complex legal issues and developments that businesses are faced with and provide skilled and proficient legal advice to a wide range of clients involved in the private business sector.

Our clients receive advice and representation on a variety of business matters including:

  • Business formation (including corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, joint ventures)
  • Not-for-profit formation (including societies, not-for-profit companies, and federal not-for-profit corporations)
  • Corporate governance, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and dispossession of business assets.

Our firm has represented survivors of residential schools, indian day schools and indian hospitals. Our Senior Partner, Leighton Grey was heavily involved in the original IRS Class Action from 2004-2016, and represented hundreds of claimants in the ADR process that was part of the settlement which accumulated the Truth & Reconciliation Report.

Real Estate development, sales, and acquisition continues to be a growing part of our Firm. At Grey Wowk Spencer LLP, we are dedicated to providing the knowledge and expertise in real estate law to ensure that your transaction closes with ease. Our experience is vast, ranging from residential homes, to acreage and farmland, to developmental subdivisions, to commercial properties and everything in between. Our approach to all real estate transactions is to provide trusted professionals our clients can depend on.

Our firm deals with all aspects of the legal requirements related to testamentary dispositions. Our legal advice extends to complete estate planning which includes the formation of trusts as well as the preparation of the Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, and Personal Directive.

When it comes to oil and gas development in the Province of Alberta, land use and access of industry on privately owned land can be contentious. Many landowners are not aware of their options with respect to wellsite, pipeline or power line or a land acquisition for roads on privately owned land. Grey Wowk Spencer LLP has assisted clients in ensuring that landowners rights are preserved. Additionally, Grey Wowk Spencer LLP has assisted landowners in ensuring that they receive fair compensation for access by the oil and gas companies.
Grey Wowk Spencer LLP acts as Agent for the Province of Alberta in matters relating to Child Welfare. For many years, the lawyers at Grey Wowk Spencer LLP have provided legal services to the Government of Alberta regarding the protection of children whom are exposed to abuse, neglect and/or persistent family discord and violence.

Resolving dispute outside of the traditional court system allows parties to reach solutions in a cost effective and confidential fashion. Grey Wowk Spencer LLP has qualified mediators who can assist in efficient and timely resolution.

Our mediators have experience in assisting parties over a wide range of issues from contractual disburse to matrimonial matters. When retained, our mediators will work with the parties to achieve a timely and cost effective resolution to the dispute.