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A decision has been released on the Ingram v Alberta (Chief Medical Officer of Health) matter where Mr. Grey was co-counsel. The decision can be found attached here.


Mr. Grey’s has provided the below explanation:

The vaccination orders themselves happened after 1 September 2021 and so strictly speaking are not covered by this ruling.  However, since those health orders were made in the same illegal way, they are exposed to the risk of another application to have them declared Ultra Vires.  As for the lockdown restrictions, they are all illegal.  This comes under the tort of public malfeasance, and is actionable. 


The Charter is still in serious trouble.  The Court here erred in even ruling on the Charter application.  A court is only to make a constitutional ruling if there is no other way to decide a case.  This ought to have been a 10 page decision.  The last 80 are all Obiter Dicta aimed at vindicating the Kenney government.  There was no need for the court to go on and consider the constitutionality of illegal laws. 


The illegality of these Orders was the primary argument we presented, and was successful.  This case therefore stands as the only superior court decision in the country which has ruled against a pandemic government in this way.  It is important because it recognizes, however reluctantly, that government power is limited and that a court will tell them so.  Governments in Canada are expected to govern in accordance with the laws that they make.  In this case, Dr. Hinshaw was made the most powerful person in the history of our Province.  She was a medical dictator granted the statutory power to use “any means necessary” to fight the pandemic, and that still was not enough.  She even exceeded that level of authority.  In this case, finally, the Rule of Law was affirmed.


Dr. Hinshaw was vivisected on cross-examination and it led to her removal as CMHO.  The Court’s depiction of her in this judgment is legal sophistry.  Hinshaw was so bad that the Court spends pages trying to rehabilitate her, while making an ad hominem attack upon one of the world’s most respected scientists, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya.  In the end, this case is important to truth and justice.  Two autocrats have been banished from AB—Kenney by populist political action and Hinshaw via this case.


WWII was not won in a single battle.  Normandy did not end the war, but it was a huge victory.  The challenge now is to continue fighting until the ultimate victory is won, i.e. restoration of the Rule of Law in Canada.

Please use the below link to view an interview of Mr. Grey and Mr. Rath discussing the outcome of the above matter with Chris Scott and Kerry Lambert of the Whistle Stop café: