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Current Status: The Class Action was filed on 25 September 2023. The document is  available for your review in the filed documents tab on this webpage. Our Class Action  will be registered on the Canadian Bar Association website. 

Submitting an expression of interest on our webpage adds your information to our  communication database; It will be possible to register as a class claimant once the  action is certified by the court. 



The Class Action is for unvaccinated people who have been impacted by  Canadian lockdowns and mandates.  

The Representative Plaintiff for our Class Acton is Chief Gregory Burke. Eligible persons can become claimants following certification if they fit within the defined classes.  

We will provide all those submitting an expression of interest from our website with a questionnaire to help document your damages.  

The Defendants have filed a Notice of Intention to Reply and have asked that no further steps be taken at this time. This is routine and the courtesy has been granted.  We expect the next step to be Case Management. We also anticipate the certification stage to be protracted.  

The Class Action is being crowd funded, which includes your donations. This is what keeps the case going by satisfying the ongoing costs. Your donation is applied to the case as you instruct.  

Monthly meetings will be scheduled for those who make donations and return a signed agreement.  



Donations are still needed to fund the lawsuit. Without donations, we will be unable to effectively prosecute the action. Without your donations, this will be impossible. In order to move the class action forward, it must first be adequately funded. 



Our suggested minimum contribution is $300. Please confirm one of the following: 

  1. I will contribute a lump sum of $300; 
  2. I will make installment payments; or 
  3. I am unable to contribute to the costs of this action at this time. 

Donation payments can be made in two ways: 

  1. Call our firm to provide your consent and credit card information; or 2. Send an etransfer to
  2. Security question: “Federal” 
  3. Use the following security answer: “Classaction”. 

Retainer Agreements will be provided following receipt of donation payments. 



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